Sunday, September 9, 2012

I teach math; that's my job; I have no other responsibilities.... (New Blogger Initiation Post 4)

So this week, for the new blogger initiative, I'm just going to post whatever I want! Boosh. 

I'm a math teacher, this is true. I'm also a new math teacher. I'm finding that my job is about 80% teaching math and 20% things that I have no real business doing. 

Like announcing the freshmen and JV football games. Don't get me wrong. I volunteered for that opportunity. I think it'll be a great way to become part of the community at my school. I've done two games thus far and I'm pretty much loving it. Yes, it requires one of my nights every week. And I need those nights these first few weeks to get my feet under me. But it's fun to get up in that booth and watch my students pushing hard to get some work done. It's even exciting every once in a while. 

All that said, I've never announced any sporting event. I'm not very good at it. I'm slowly learning how to keep track of all the players on the field, forcing myself to associate names with numbers. I make jokes with the other faculty in the booth. We shoot each other puzzled looks when the officials huddle after every play. It's a good time. 

In short, it is turning out to be exactly what I was hoping for: a good way to inch my way into my school's community. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Favorite Math Quote (New Blogger Initiation Post 3)

Today on New Blogger Initiation:

Is there a quotation about mathematics that you like? If so, what it is and why do you like it?

My favorite math quote comes from Galileo, 

"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe" 

I love this quote because it totally fits the way I think. Everything I see/hear/experience, I do so in the language of mathematics. The fact that math is a language (i.e. a way to communicate any idea) is something that I try to emphasize to my students. It's important that they come to understand math as a way of talking about things that would otherwise be very cumbersome and/or imprecise to talk about. 

That's all for today!