Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summary Thoughts From A Year of Student Teaching

So, though the summer has already come and gone, I think it's important for me to reflect on my student teaching experience in the 2011-2012 school year. 

I spent the whole year student teaching in a Geometry class. Actually, I'm not going to talk much about that at all. Instead I'm going to take the next few blog posts to put down the things that I came up with as a student teacher, which I want to implement going forward. I've broken these things down into several categories. Maybe you find them useful. Maybe you find them interesting. At the very least I hope that they'll serve as some reference point for what I find important and what my priorities are as a math educator. 

I'll put up one new post per category, as follows:

1) Assignments, Assessments, & Evaluation
2) Grading
3) Getting (& Keeping) Students' Attention
4) Getting (& Keeping) Students On Task
5) Building Community in the Classroom
6) Organizing the Physical Classroom

Some of these posts will probably be pretty long and some of them will probably be very short. I'm going to try to roll them all out by next Friday (8/24/2012). 

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